uFit is a unique place to achieve the best shape and apex level of fitness in the life.

We are a place born to break out of the regular gymming culture where there is no sense of fulfillment even after you have followed the most rigorous schedule of your life. Life is not about big muscles, great biceps and six pack abs. It is more about how much you understand your body and how do you approach it.

uFit will focus on more the aspects of approaching the life with a phenomena called CrossFit training.

Visit our club for free counselling and introductory session every Sunday and get to know more about us, our processes and how uFit can change your life!

LGF – 2, Mahaluxmi Square, Abhay Khand 2,
Indrapuram, Ghaziabad, 201011, India

Email: info@ufitinternational.com
Phone: 9212533233 >

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